Polyethylene Bag and Vacuum Bag Factory

Shipping to all of Mexico

Vacuum bags

At VIDECI, we manufacture food-grade vacuum bags that provide high barrier protection, keeping food freshness intact.

We offer smooth, transparent vacuum bags with three reinforced seals. With over 50 stock sizes available, tailored for various applications. We ship nationwide across Mexico, offering options in black and gold backgrounds.

Free from BPA, ideal for the Food Industry. High barrier protection against moisture and oxygen. Resistant to transportation impact and wear. No alteration of odors, colors, or flavors. Do not transmit toxic substances.

Standard Line Bags, immediate delivery in 75 Um thickness, equivalent to 300 Gauges (standard gauge).

Special manufacturing available for wholesalers. Gauge, size, and printing options in one or more colors according to design.

Natural polyethylene bags, biodegradable with printing or pigment.

“We manufacture rolls, sheets, and bags of natural polyethylene in low (LDPE) and high (HDPE) density, gauge, and measurements according to specifications.

Our transparent virgin polyethylene bags are biodegradable or pigmented (in any shade), with the option of multi-color printing.

Food-grade bags: our raw material complies with FDA standards, being BPA-free, ideal for the food industry.

At VIDECI, we produce natural polyethylene bags for wholesalers in a wide range of measurements, with or without gussets, and featuring 100% reinforced seals.”

About Us

At VIDECI, we specialize in manufacturing polyethylene and high vacuum bags designed based on your needs. We offer a wide variety of sizes, gauges, pigments, and features. We provide personalized service to manage your projects.