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Vacuum Bags

At Videci, we manufacture food-grade vacuum bags. Our products are crafted under high-quality and food safety standards using FDA-certified raw materials, and are 100% free from BPA.

High Barrier Vacuum Bags

Smooth high barrier vacuum bags for chamber machines, coextruded with 5 layers, featuring high-performance hermetic seals.

We have a stock of vacuum bags available in a wide variety of sizes and gauges for use in different industries.

Food Preservation

Vacuum bags manufactured with our high-quality film composed of Polyamide (PA), Polyethylene (PE), and a Nylon (NY) layer will be your allies in food preservation, helping to maintain their freshness by preventing oxygen leakage, minimizing the development of microorganisms, and other contaminants.

Vacuum bags that prevent oxygen leakage

The 5 layers of protection offered by Videci vacuum bags provide a high barrier of protection for the preservation of perishable products or other items where the oxygen transmission rate needs to be minimized within our bags.

Discover the variety of high and low-density vacuum bags we have specifically to meet your needs:

  • Clear Smooth Vacuum Bags
  • Black Background Vacuum Bags
  • Gold Background Vacuum Bags
  • Wide Variety of Sizes and Gauges
  • Printing for Wholesalers (From 75 Thousand pieces)
  • Labels for Retailers (Starting from 3 Thousand pieces)

Benefits of food-grade vacuum bags

Videci vacuum bags are specially designed and manufactured to extend the life of products and provide optimal quality for consumption, thanks to their triple seals and gauges ranging from 75 Um to 180 Um.

Their features offer a wide range of benefits for use in food; learn in detail why vacuum bags are the best choice to provide a barrier of protection and freshness to all your products.

Extended Preservation

These types of plastic bags allow for a longer extension of the shelf life of foods, enabling them to remain fresh and safe for a longer period. Their airtight sealing system prevents contact with moisture and oxygen for proper preservation.

Hermetic Seal

The sealing of vacuum bags is one of the main features that keeps the products stored in them in the best conditions for longer periods.

Their airtightness ensures that after air extraction and sealing, any entry of air, contaminants, or external agents that may alter the condition of the food is blocked. This makes them frequently used to maintain food safety at all times.

Versatility of uses

Vacuum bags are products that can be used in various sectors and industries, as well as for various purposes within the food industry. For this reason, we have a wide catalog of vacuum bags of different sizes and gauges that can adapt to any consumer need.

At Videci, you can find a variety of types of vacuum bags, including pouches, customized, roll bags, with black or gold backgrounds, and even gauges ranging from 75 Um equivalent to 300 Gauges, to 180 Um equivalent to 800 Gauges for use in different contexts.


Products in contact with food must always be manufactured according to established standards to ensure high safety in consumption. Our vacuum bags are no exception to this, as they are completely BPA-free to prevent health hazards and toxicity in food items. With this, we guarantee high-quality and reliable packaging.

Impact and Wear Resistance

Storing products in vacuum bags allows for easier handling for simple and efficient transportation. The high-quality manufacturing of these bags ensures optimal handling as they are designed to withstand impacts and wear from use, helping to keep the items or food stored in them in optimal condition.

Neutral in Aromas and Flavors

In addition to their durability and product protection, plastic bags are also suitable for maintaining the conditions of food without altering their aromas or flavors when contained within them. Due to their airtight sealing, the products have no contact with external elements, preserving them in their natural state.

Certified Safety

We are committed to manufacturing products adhering to all regulations to ensure the best possible quality for our customers. Therefore, all our vacuum bags undergo rigorous quality controls to meet the most demanding safety standards.

Contact us for more information about the highest quality food-grade vacuum bags on the market.

Characteristics of Vacuum Bags

Our food-grade vacuum bags are the innovative solution that the food industry is seeking due to the presence of the following properties:

Triple Reinforced Seal

The design of the vacuum bags includes the insertion of three reinforced seals, ensuring a perfect and secure airtight seal to prevent leaks and contaminations that may jeopardize the integrity of your products.

Crystal Clear Transparency

The transparent material of the vacuum bags allows for a clear view of the packaged products, facilitating product identification, labeling, and hygienic inspection of the food.

Black and Gold Background

Just as transparent vacuum bags are available, we also offer bags with black and gold backgrounds to enhance the appearance of your food products.

Variety of Sizes

Over 50 different sizes in stock with high-strength standard gauge, ranging from 75 Um to 180 Um equivalent to 800 Gauges, with shipping available throughout Mexico.


For wholesale consumption, we offer specialized solutions for the complete customization of vacuum bags, from gauge selection, background choice, to printing with one or multiple inks depending on the needs of your business.

Raw Materials Regulated by FDA and USDA

Highly wholesome products, free of BPA, whose raw materials are endorsed by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) along with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), which regulate the quality and safety of food-grade products.

About Us

At VIDECI, we specialize in manufacturing polyethylene and high vacuum bags designed based on your needs. We offer a wide variety of sizes, gauges, pigments, and features. We provide personalized service to manage your projects.