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Vacuum Bags

At Videci, we manufacture food-grade vacuum bags. Our products are crafted under high-quality and food safety standards using FDA-certified raw materials, and are 100% free from BPA.

High Barrier Vacuum Bags

Smooth high barrier vacuum bags for chamber machines, coextruded with 5 layers, featuring high-performance hermetic seals.

We have a stock of vacuum bags available in a wide variety of sizes and gauges for use in different industries.

Benefits of food-grade vacuum bags

Videci vacuum bags are specially designed and manufactured to extend the life of products and provide optimal quality for consumption, thanks to their triple seals and gauges ranging from 75 Um to 180 Um.

Their features offer a wide range of benefits for use in food; learn in detail why vacuum bags are the best choice to provide a barrier of protection and freshness to all your products.

Contact us for more information about the highest quality food-grade vacuum bags on the market.

Characteristics of Vacuum Bags

Our food-grade vacuum bags are the innovative solution that the food industry is seeking due to the presence of the following properties:

About Us

At VIDECI, we specialize in manufacturing polyethylene and high vacuum bags designed based on your needs. We offer a wide variety of sizes, gauges, pigments, and features. We provide personalized service to manage your projects.